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Do you have an idea you want make into a reality?

Do you have a story to share? or a memory you want painted?

Do you have something in mind you have always wanted customised?


If so.......Lets talk!


and we can open up a dialog about any special project you can imagine.

Here are a few examples of commissions, outside projects, and

public art installations from recent years.

Custom Made Lighted Bar Sign 2015

This light up bar sign was created to honor the patron's cat named Martini, who was buried at the site of the outdoor bar.

Hand Painted Bathroom Vanity
Hand Painted Bathroom Vanity
Hand Painted Bathroom Vanity
Hand Painted Bathroom Vanity
Custom Painted Bathroom Vanity 2014

Hand painted and distressed bathroom vanity, Lake Forest CA 

Leal Elementary art installation
LEAP into the Deep
Detail of Leal Elementary School
Leal Elementary school Cerritos CA
Leal Elementary school
Leal Elementary School
Leal elementary school cerritos ca
Submarines with student portraits
LEAP into the Deep
Leal elementary school
Underwater Mural
Free after school art classes
Afterschool art lessons
reverse glass portraits
children art projects
children self portraits
fish dinner
fishes of the sea
L.E.A.P into the Deep 2015

Using a grant, partially funded by Target, Leal Elementary school in Cerritos, CA, hired Shannon to implement a school wide installation featuring the work students created over a 6 month period during free after school classes also led by Shannon.

Band Portrait Commission

Commissioned band portrait for the "Polio Ponies" in Santa Ana, California.  Exhibited at "the HeART of Orange County" invitational exhibition hosted by Chemers Gallery in Tustin, CA

Nursery art
Underwater Nursery
Nursery Mural 2014

A retro inspired underwater themed mural for child's nursery, Costa Mesa, CA

Hand Drawing on Bass
Hand painted violin
Hand painted violin
Custom painted instruments

Hand painted functioning instruments.

Mystery Build Challenge 2016
mystery build submission
mystery build competition
Mystery build contest winners
Mystery Build 2015
Mystery Build Challenge and Competition 2014-2015

Annual submission for "The Mystery Build" Challenge.  Each artist received a box of random materials and a theme, You never know ahead of time what will be inside, the challenge is to create a work of art based on that year's theme using ONLY the material provided. 

Personal fable
wilson family
Night painting on the commission
Original Paintings by Commission

These are two examples of very personal commissions for two very different and interesting collectors.

If you have a story, portrait or idea you would like painted please email

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